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6 Rules That Make Better Attorney Bios On Law Firm Websites

Lets face it, the majority of the attorney profiles we come across are uninspiring, or be it, so generic that you cannot tell Peter from Paul. What attorneys must realize is, your bio is one of the most important aspects in your marketing arsenal. We understand, you member of this, members of that, and you showcase bullet points of your achievements, but this doesn’t tell me anything about WHO YOU ARE.

But when your attorney profile becomes more organic, less abrasive and genuine, this resinates with your potential clients. The client will make an emotional decision based upon what they see on your attorney profile on your website. Pulling those emotional strings is whats going to get your more clients and set you apart from the sea of attorneys all looking to sign the same client.

We already know through analyzing analytics on your website, your Bio and about pages are the most visited after the home page naturally. With that being said, you should take pride in what you write about yourself, expressing yourself to show good morals, etiquette and strength, you will establish a good rapport with your potential client.

Here are Six elements we feel that will make a better attorney bio, and can make your attorney bio work harder for your law firm.

1. Your journey to practice law.

People like to know why you wanted to become a lawyer, they need to that your overall goal is to help them in their time of need. To show your potential clients that their needs is your concern, this is your mission of your law practice.

Answer the following questions and elaborate on each section:

  • What inspired you to become a layer?
  • What inspired your chose your area of expertise?
  • How did you get to where you are now?
  • Provide an example where you went above and beyond for a client.

2. What motivates you?

Yes, we know your a lawyer, strong, aggressive, make lots of money for your clients etc… lets look past that, and make it about your potential client and the valuable knowledge and success you can bring to your client. This is all about providing the client peace of mind, knowing that they know 100% that your are by their side during their time of need. Providing that positive energy whilst not concentrating on the problems, but the solutions you will bring. Ask yourself, what drives you to want to help

3. Define yourself outside of law?

It is important to for people to know who you surround yourself with, both in Law and in your personal life. What extracurricular activities are you apart of? Are you a member of any groups, charities or community events. Are you involved in and government politics? People tend to read into who you are based upon the company you surround yourself with.

4. Who have you helped?

Your attorney bio is not a place to speak of a specific client and individual cases, but your bio can be a place to speak more openly about a general case where you came through to delivery them the best possible result. Speak of the areas for which you have helped people, whether they have been arrested, injured, divorced or any other practice area.

5. What have you done?

Talk about what you’ve accomplished in your law career and education. What qualifies you? This can be honors, case results, publications. But instead of just listing those, talk about what it meant to you. Take a publication, for example. Talk about what it means to you to have been selected; how the selection process worked; why it’s a big deal.
For example, maybe you’re selected as a top lawyer in your area by a local magazine. What went into that? What was the criteria? How do they define it? What does it mean to you? The reality is that many potential clients don’t understand what the various terms of art attorneys use to compare themselves to one another.

6. Be accessible and approachable

Hiring a lawyer can be an intimidating event, you need to open up and let your client know that you are just like them. You have feelings, and can relate to whatever they are struggling with. You are the expert, the negotiator and the executioner, and the client wants to see that.

Now that you have formulated your elaborate bio, its time to publish it. Contact us to find out how we publish your bio to 90+ affiliates sites, boosting traffic to your firm and hitting all corners of search.



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