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Inbound Marketing; behind the curtain

What is Inbound Marketing and how do I do it?

One of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis… what is inbound marketing and why should i care? Inbound marketing is all about strategic positioning online that brings customers to you, rather than having to fight for their attention. Inbound marketing consists of a combination of techniques, publishing and know how to achieve that goal. Creating content that appeals to the customer and thus, grabs there attention and keeps that customer coming back again and again. The digital world is becoming evermore intertwined and some may say overbearing! But once your business is connected and integrated with all the appropriate avenues, you’re giving your business the best chance of success.

5 Main Themes of Successful Inbound Marketing

  1. Creating & Distributing Content- To come up with useful content that indirectly answers all of the basic queries and questions of your customers and then sharing your content with all your customers and visitors.
  2. Marketing Lifecycle- Inbound marketing consists of special marketing strategies and tools that turn these strangers in your company’s own brand promoters online. Sounds great right? All fortune 500 companies always have hidden agendas when launching a campaign aimed at having the public share their marketing for them. Think CocaCola, they have pulled some heart strings in the past and have gained multi-national attention through creating a huge social sharing presence leading to organic conversions.
  3. Personalizing Content- Personalize your content to needs of the people who are searching for it. As you will gradually begin to learn about how to make leads, answer the questions they will ask. You will be able to personalize your content and messages in a better way to their demands.
  4. Multi-Channel –The Multi-channel nature of Inbound Marketing will allow you to approach people from anywhere, and interact with them. Adenvision work towards funneling all traffic to a lead converting page that relates to specific content which peaked there interest.
  5. Integration- Content creation, distribution, personalization and publishing, all work in a unique combination that allows you to focus on publishing the content that people are looking for at the right time and in the right place.

Four Main Marketing Key Points

1. Attract Your customer
Companies are not looking for just any traffic for their site; in fact, they want the right people to visit their site in order for the sale and purchase of their products and/or services. These targeted people are your buyer personas for whom your entire business is built upon.
Some useful tips to attract more people to your site are as follows:

  • a) Blogging- a single efficient way to attract new visitors to your company’s website.
  • b) SEO- People often begin with their buying process online by using search engines, so make sure your company’s website is prominent on these search engines. It is estimated up to 70% now start their search on a mobile device.
  • c) Pay Per Click – If you want immediate exposure, create a multi-channel PPC campaign running across google, bing and social media platforms. More information on social media for your business here.
  • d) Social Media – Take advantage of social networking sites and share your blogs and company’s website with your followers to get more leads in less time. We have dubbed this “marketing cross pollination.”

2. Convert Customer
Once you start attracting the right traffic to your site, it is now time to convert these strangers into leads by collecting their contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, or even their social media profile. Important tools to help you get more leads are:

  • a) Forms –in order for these people to become leads, they need to fill out a form and submit all of their information. Make sure your form filling process is user friendly.
  • b) Call to Action Buttons –Personalize your site to have call-to-action buttons like ‘Schedule your meeting today!’, try to encourage your visitors to want to click them.
  • c) Keeping Track –Maintaining a track of your visitors who’ve turned in leads and responding to their questions effectively and quickly.
  • d) Click / Like bait. We have seen a lot of companies now hiding information about a specific product until that user has “liked” their Facebook page. Or to have the user submit an email address to “see” whats behind the deal.

3. Close! Close! Close!
If you’ve completed both the above processes successfully, you are now on the right track and it is now time to transform those leads into your regular paying customers. How? Here are a few way to nurture that lead:

  • a) CRM – Keep a record of the details of all the deals, contacts and companies in your pipeline, and interact with them at the right time. A CRM will allow you to facilitate your sales by ensuring that you have gathered the right information to better interact with your prospects. We offer an in-house Marketing Automation platform; Adenvision Automation.
  • b) Email – After a visitor clicks on your ‘call-to-Action- button, display a page of useful and relevant content to build more trust with the visitor making him or her more ready to buy from you.
  • c) Automation – Marketing automation involves creating such emails that are triggered each time that user returns to your site.
  • d) 24 hour phone call turn around – Probably the most common sense approach, yet so many people totally avoid reaching out to their “nearly customers”.

4. Pleasure
Inbound Marketing is completely focused on providing useful content to people, whether they are our leads or strangers to your site. In the end, it is all pain or pleasure, the pain is “no, I don’t need your service” and pleasure “yes, I will come see you next week”. Inbound marketing solutions continue to help your company engage with such pleasures that in turn, creates happy visitors, therefore increasing your probability of happy paying loyal customers and promotes your business in a positive light.

As an Inbound Marketing Agency, Adenvision believes that everyone has the right to benefit from this powerful set of tools. And better yet, we can show you how to do it and maintain a constant flow of traffic to your site and business.

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