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All-in-one marketing platform to help you grow your business, engagements and most importantly, save you time. Plans to suit every type of business and their needs.

Email Marketing Marketing Automation CRM & Sales

Automate your marketing department

Grow your business and save time with a seamless experience.


Email marketing and newsletters

Send newsletters, campaign followups, auto responders and individual emails from the user. Create automation’s based on contact & behavioral data and trigger follow up emails based on contacts’ actions, interests, behaviors on your site.

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Marketing Automation Done Right. Period.

It’s like having an assistant who works 24/7. Deliver welcome emails, birthday emails, trigger campaigns from actions, sales follow-ups and more. We provide you with countless options to automate your campaigns. Be creative.

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CRM & Sales seamlessly simple

Integrate with your personal email, marketing, and automations and be able to manage your contacts with ease. Coupled with a powerful search and filtering option to target specific groups makes promoting products a breeze. Assist your sales reps with automated actions based on your contacts’ emails, actions, time within deals and stages, website browsing history, and more.

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