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June 20, 2015
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Marketing doesn’t have to be your redheaded stepchild

In todays economy, small business’s look upon marketing as an daunting climb up mount Everest, packing on as much media and advertisement collateral as possible. Their strategy is “more is good”, sacrificing quality of quantity.

Everyone likes the efficiency of “do it yourself” marketing software to replace strategic driven minds, spitting out countless crappy ads which in turn is not generating good leads but costing you more down the road.

But does efficiency cause a lack in strategy? No, not necessarily, it’s all about how the strategy is developed, the quality of the creative, the positioning of your product and broadcasting of your advantages against your competition.

Yes, lots of words… but the easiest way to tackle a new strategy or a new idea is to segregate your thinking patterns, put yourself into a different environment and write down the top 3 features of your business.

But then again, you can keep on doing what your doing, churning out the same quality, or you can shout out to Adenvision, and see if we can do it better.

Jason Payne
Jason Payne
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