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Common Mistakes to Avoid On Your Contact Page

common mistakes to avoid on your contact page

Arguably the most important page on any website, the contact page directly connects consumer to provider, which is an invaluable asset to your business. It’s imperative to take a carefully crafted approach in designing and developing this page and its content; it should never be thrown together or considered an afterthought. A customer who has made it to the contact page is not a customer to lose simply because of carelessness. They likely have a question about your product or services, or are looking for your hours of operation so they might stop by in person; making them work for this information or otherwise offering an unfavorable experience can leave your customer feeling frustrated and unlikely to return. Here are the most common mistakes we see at Adenvision and how to fix them:

  1. Fanciful/Confusing Names for ‘Contact’

This is not the time to flex your creative muscles. This is a case of less is more and nothing will drive a customer away faster than if they can’t figure out how to contact you. Including a ‘contact us’ link in your website’s menu is a must to ensure it’s quick and easy to find. While you don’t necessarily need to stick to the generic ‘contact’ label, anything beyond ‘get in touch’ or ‘connect with us’ is likely to confuse your customer. As an extra measure, ensure your contact page is available at for an even more direct search.

  1. Over or Underwhelming Information

The customer experience is often that of Goldilocks: too much and the customer will be annoyed or confused, too little and you risk them forgetting your business altogether. Contact pages should be more than a comment form on an otherwise blank page. Hours of operation, your business’s address (ideally with a small map), phone numbers, email addresses, and social media links (this one is optional) should all be included on this page. There are myriad ways to connect in this day and age, you want to be sure to offer as many options as possible to your potential clients so that they are able to use whichever they’re most comfortable with. Any more information than this, however, could be overwhelming, so it would be best to cap it there. Including things like customer reviews, staff profiles, and the history of the business or other detailed ‘about us’ content should be saved for other pages on the site.

  1. Not Personable Enough/Lacks Personality

It is likely your potential customer will visit your website before they ever set foot in your location or contact you about your services. Think of your website, and especially your contact page, as an introduction of you and your business to your customer. What do you want to say? What do you want them to know about you? Again, this page should be carefully constructed and treated with the importance it deserves. Use this opportunity to get creative and personal; let them get to know you. Don’t leave them out in the cold, on a barren corporate page.

  1. No [Secondary] CTAs

This mistake is less about the customer experience and more about not creating enough opportunities for your business. Customers on your contact page are looking to connect, but there are ways to achieve this besides direct contact. Offering an alterative to customers who are in a different phase of the selling cycle can make all the difference. Linking a secondary CTA with a free demo or trial of your product could answer any question they might have and allows your work to speak for itself. A CTA for your blog, a video, or newsletter subscription are also viable options that allow your customer to continue to explore your business while they decide to move forward.

These are just some of the mistakes we’ve come across on contact pages, but there are plenty more. Do you need help crafting content for your contact page and throughout your website? Are you looking to refresh the design of your site? Our team specializes in ensuring your business’s success on the web. Get in touch with us today to find out what else Adenvision can do for you.

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