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June 27, 2017
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How to Craft a Newsletter Customers Won’t Junk!

As someone who is likely bombarded with emails on a daily basis, (because at this point, who isn’t?) the thought of contributing to the cacophony in your customer’s inbox may be unappealing. There are many staunch opponents to the email newsletter, and for good reason. The main qualms newsletter adversaries have are that they typically have minimal subscribers receiving it and the ones who do get overloaded with information. Without subscribers, your stellar newsletter is being delivered to absolutely no one and then the critics are right, creating the newsletter is a waste of time and resources. So start there. Once you’ve captured an audience, via an in-store sign-up or some other email capture method, continue to deliver quality content. Just because your audience is now initially engaged doesn’t mean they have an obligation to remain engaged.

When done correctly, email newsletters offer so much to your customer and your business. Consistent communication, face time with clients, and another channel to present original, quality content are just a few benefits of growing your newsletter audience base and delivering impactful content. But how do you make your newsletter one your customers check their email for? We’ve got you covered there as well! Here are our top tips to keep your customers refreshing their inbox:


Clever Subjects & Taglines
Think of your newsletter as a gift to your customer and the subject and tagline as the wrapping paper. Entice and engage your customer with clever subject and tag lines that will make them want to open the email and discover what’s inside. This is a chance to immediately engage with your clients, using wit and creativity to capture their attention. Utilizing this tool correctly will prolong your customer’s exposure to your content and keep them coming back for more.


Original, Creative Content
What to include in your newsletter can be daunting and it should be purposeful and relevant. A newsletter is a great way to advertise a new blog post, even including the first few lines and link it to your website, promote upcoming events your business is planning or involved with around town, and any other blurbs about what’s going on with your business as of late. Information that already has a permanent place on your website, in most cases, shouldn’t have a place in your newsletter, save your hours of operation and a phone number/email address. The goal is to not overwhelm your clients with unnecessary information. Pick what’s new and pertinent to your clients and business, this week, month, or season and limit it at that.


Surprise and Delight
Special offers and discount codes are one of the best ways to launch an email capture campaign that also works to keep your customers engaged and seeking out your newsletters. This is a great channel to let your clients know about any general discount events you might be having, or to give them a special offer code, just to say thank you for their continued interaction. It doesn’t need to be every newsletter, and it would be best if it weren’t, but leaving those rewards scattered throughout the newsletters will keep your customers always checking back to see what they might find.


Engaging CTAs
Having links to your website within the newsletter gives your customers a more hands on experience and is an invaluable to way to keep them involved instead of just skimming over an article. As mentioned previously, having a link to your updated blog in the newsletter leads your customer back to your site and extends their exposure to your brand. CTAs that link clients to your podcast, or sign-ups for upcoming events are another way to make your newsletter more interactive than just a solid block of text.


Limited, Purposeful Exposure
Any more often than weekly and your customers will quickly unsubscribe, less often than monthly and you risk overwhelming your customer with information, and also limit the time your customer spends with your brand, which is the whole point. Either once a week or once a month are the best options when it comes to how often to send out your newsletter; if you can send it on the same day each week or month, even better. If customers can anticipate your newsletter every Wednesday for a midweek pick me up, or on the first of the month to hype them up for what’s to come, your newsletter will quickly become part of their routine and they can look forward to hearing from you.


Still need help capturing an audience for a newsletter, or developing purposeful content that your customer will anticipate and seek out? Adenvision has the team and the skill-set to create and maintain a successful email newsletter campaign. Contact us today to get started!

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